What’s New in ComponentOne Studio?

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We’re pleased to announce a 3.5 interim release to follow up on our major release back in November. No major controls—that’s coming up in March—but you’ll find a some great samples and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new in ComponentOne Studio:

FlexReport for WinForms

Our new XmltoFlxrConverter sample will simplify the already-quick process of converting C1Report (.xml) files to FlexReport (.flxr) files. With the new utility, you won’t have to open your C1Report in the FlexReport Designer one at a time to migrate—you can run the sample, select your batch of XML files, set the output folder, and all selected reports will be converted to FlexReport!

  • With our new PDF/A support, you can now:
  • Export SSRS reports to PDF/A
  • Export C1Report to PDF/A
  • Set other PDF options on exporting SSRS reports
  • FlexViewer’s new PageRefreshRate property can be set to load FlexReport faster than before.
  • C1Report and FlexReport both now have new RightToLeft properties, allowing you to adjust the language orientation of the report.

FlexPivot for WinForms

  • FlexPivot currently supports all data types, but only basic formatting. New custom formats will allow you to create richer formatting for data.
  • Adding the list of values on the Filter tab in the Field Settings.


FlexGridCustomMerging sample demonstrates how to implement a custom version of the built-in Merge Manager class that allows merging of both rows and columns. It uses a TV schedule to merge programs across weekdays (columns) and showtimes (rows).

New FlexChart Samples

  • EditableAnnotation shows how to edit, add, delete and drag annotations with several shapes on FlexChart.
  • MultiSelect demonstrates how to support the selection of multiple plot elements in the FlexChart. You can Ctrl+Click on plot elements or draw a rectangle on the chart’s plot area.
  • AxisScrollBar displays an Axis Scrollbar so users can change the data range displayed on the chart.

Additions to MVC Explorer Sample

  • FlexGrid
  • Added Client Excel load and save
  • Added PDF export
  • FlexChart
  • Panning/Zooming sample
  • Scaling sample
  • PlotAreas sample
  • Gauge
  • Added scaling sample

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