5 Must Reads – App Store Optimization & Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trend Report

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Every day, our team spends hours reading the latest on app development, user experience, monetization, marketing and more. We learn new things, debate how successful a new strategy may be, and take meticulous notes on particularly insightful ideas. So when we come across a really interesting read, we like to share it.

Check out these articles to see what we thought was interesting in the world of app development.

App Store OptimizationWhere Does App-Store-Optimization Fit in the Context of Mobile Strategy?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a big theme in this months must read’s list, and rightly so. The app marketplace has hit a point of maturity where the numbers are high and the value of many apps is low. So where does one start with ASO? How does it fit into your mobile strategy? Roger Woods touches on three key factors that are critical to a successful ASO and mobile strategy – competition, loyalty, and acquisition.

User Engagement & Retention5 Tips to Improve Apps’ Retention, Engagement & Conversion (Infographic)

Do you have your user engagement and retention practices down pat? Research continues to show users are downloading apps to open them once, and then delete them shortly after. Taking that into account, plus the rising average cost per install, app publishers need to focus more on engagement and retention. Getting a user to download your app isn’t enough anymore. This article highlights the importance of personalization and timing when it comes to marketing, user engagement and in-app interactions.

Market TrendsMary Meeker’s Essential 2016 Internet Trend Report

The fastest way to get up to speed on what’s happening in the world of tech is to read Mary Meeker’s Essential Trend Reports. Renowned for providing the most comprehensive overview of digital trends, this report sheds light on everything from global internet trends to smartphone adoption to digital advertising numbers and more. If your read nothing else, this report alone will give you everything you need to have a solid grasp of the internet in 2016.

App DesignMobile App Development: How to Create A Useful App by Google

Have you read the latest article from Think with Google on creating useful apps through market research? Bethany Poole, Group Marketing Manager at Google, discusses the value of market research and validation in the form of a case study, outlining the approach used to create the Google Primer app. Why is this relevant? Poole points out the importance of delivering valuable solutions to users who are sifting through overpopulated app stores, and how app developers can leverage user feedback earlier on to make their apps stand out. Take a look at the thought process behind creating the Google Primer app.

Case StudyAdvice From the Guy With Two #1 AppStore Freemium Games: How to Adapt to a Changing App Market

App stores will forever be a make it or break it factor, as they often are first points of engagement for your customers. In order to stand out from the crowd, app developers and publishers are starting to think outside of the box – but how do you be creative in marketing your app without breaking the bank? Check out this podcast by Eric Seufert, an indie game publisher who is responsible for two #1 app store freemium game listings. He shares his perspective on the constantly changing app market, the increasing cost of app marketing and power of virality as an app publisher.

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