What’s new in the latest version of iSpring Suite (v8.5)?

 In General

iSpring Suite is an easy to use, fully-stocked e-Learning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint. No training required to start!

It is now possible to create amazing video lectures, quizzes, dialog simulations, interactions and other educational materials in one program!

Key features included:

  • Making presentations private or public
  • Keeping animations and transitions intact
  • Playing embedded voiceovers/audio files
  • Playing embedded videos
  • Viewing presentations on tablets and smartphones (with all the original effects)
  • Embedding options
  • Tracking content viewing activity


What’s new?

New Conversation Simulation Tool

Design interactive dialogue simulations to train your employees’ communication skills in a safe environment. Building a scenario doesn’t take long: simply create a conversation script, select a character and background and record voiceovers for interlocutors and feedback messages.

  • Detailed completion report – Now you can monitor all students’ decisions and reply choices throughout the simulation in a detailed completion report. The reports can be collected in your LMS or sent to an email or server.
  • Hyperlinks in dialogue scenes – Enhance character speech and feedback messages with hyperlinks to useful resources: certain chapters of your course, guides, videos and other content that students may need.
  • Spell-check – Now the editor can automatically check spelling: it underlines errors and suggests possible corrections.

New Screen Recorder

iSpring Suite introduces a new screen capture function, with which you can record screencasts and insert them into your courses. The built-in iSpring Cam includes a complete set of functions for screencasts, such as audio recording, cursor highlighting, mouse click sound effects and more.

New Video Lecture Player

The new 50/50 Video Lecture Player allows you to simultaneously display presentation slides and video narration, correctly placing the emphasis between them. The player can be customised: choose which bars and buttons to show, pick the color scheme and change text labels for captions, tooltips and messages within the player.

New Audio/Video Editor

Now you will be able to fine-tune the audio and video narrations for your course. iSpring Suite 8 now contains an audio and video editor, which contains a complete set of functions for quickly creating professional narrations: deleting fragments of audio and video, background noise removal, audio fade-in/fade-out and much more.

Updated Quiz Editor

Creating interactive quizzes is faster and easier than ever before, thanks to the new visual question editing mode. Now you can customise the design of several questions simultaneously: modify the layout, adjust the color theme or set the background.

  • Re-Taking the Course Based on Quiz Results – With this feature, if a student fails a unit test, they can be redirected to the beginning of the unit. After they review the unit, they can try to pass the test again.
  • Sending Quiz Results to Student’s Email – Students’ quiz results now can be sent to their emails. This allows students to track their progress and reveal strengths and weaknesses.


New iPhone App – Provide access to your content anytime and anywhere, even with no Internet connection! The free mobile app is now compatible with iPhones, along with iPads and Android devices. Make your e-Learning courses absolutely mobile!

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