An introduction to Nevron and their robust solution to data visualisation

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Let’s start with a short introduction …

Nevron Software is a global leader in Charting, Diagramming and Text Processing solutions. Since 1998 Nevron Software has specialised in the development of premium presentation layer components for the .NET framework platform. Today, Nevron is a well-established brand in the software development market and provides advanced components for .NET, SharePoint and SSRS to many Fortune 500 companies, government, and educational organisations, as well as thousands of individual users worldwide.

Nevron’s Product range

Nevron Software is a well-recognised vendor in the Microsoft IT community and has an extensive product range targeted at .NET Developers and IT professionals. We offer the following suites:

  1. Nevron .NET Vision – enables developers to embed advanced data visualisation capabilities in their applications. All the controls in the suite integrate with WinForm, WPF, ASP.NET and MVC applications.
  2. Nevron Open Vision- it is a suite that allows developers to create cross-platform applications for Windows and Mac. In addition, to all common UI controls, the suite includes Chart, Diagram, Gauge, Grid, and Rich Text editor controls. All the controls in the suite integrate with WinForm, WPF, and Xamarin.Mac applications.
  3. Nevron SSRS Vision – a suite that features advanced custom report items for SSRS (SQL Reporting Services). The suite includes Chart, Gauge, Map and Barcode report items, which are integrated inside the native Reporting Services environment. The report items are built on top of a common framework, which ensures fluid visual editing, tight data integration, and a short learning curve.
  4. Nevron Vision for Sharepoint-Enables the creation of digital dashboards inside Sharepoint pages. The suite includes advanced Chart, Gauge, Map and Barcode web parts for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

But what do we offer to YOU, our clients? – Time tested and robust software, Great technical support and Personalised approach.
As we mentioned before, data visualisation is a very important part of the contemporary digital world. We have been creating and pioneering data visualisation components for over 20 years, and our expertise has only grown with time. Our tools are robust, feature rich and cross-platform and that’s why we are the trusted vendor for many organisations, large and small for their most demanding data visualisation needs.
Why do you ask? The answer is very simple – to make even the most demanding data visualisation needs simple to implement.
The support portal is very comprehensive as well. We have a large library of articles and how-to topics, detailed step-by-step tutorials, and news. We have also created large knowledge base, with ready to use code snippets that can be copy-pasted into customer’s projects. Added to that is our forum, where we also answer questions quickly and users can share their ideas and problems. Support requests and tickets are a priority to us so that we can ensure that our users can use our products in the most effective manner.
To summarise it in a few points. We have tried to put ourselves in your shoes and combined a set of tools to give you the know-how to start using our products:
-live demos
-free trial
-online documentation and examples
-access to our forum
– extended knowledge base
-sales assistance and technical support

Customer satisfaction is the goal and makes the difference
In today’s world, we have a variety of textual and visual data to represent our work, opinion and a number of resources to gather the information we need. For this reason, it is hard to rely on everything we read or see. This is why we have let the user-experience speak for us:

The Customer testimonials
“Nevron Vision and it’s (so to say) derivatives, the charting and graphics components for SQL Server Reporting Services and Sharepoint offer a complete and easy to learn way of data visualisation.
I learned about the product by developing charts in reports for a customer; I got excellent support (even including code development) in my first attempts to implement data visualisation as designed by a PR agency. The product and the excellent after-sales support helped me to provide a solution to my customer’s highest satisfaction – and so am I highly satisfied.”
“We have been using Nevron Chart for several years now for (high volume) process data visualisation and for online data visualisation with various chart types (point, line, bar …). Even large data sets are handled in a fast and reliable way.”
“We use it for generating SQL Server reports, that allows our laboratories to print out labels and worksheets with barcodes for easy integration for updating test results or look up further information on a sample or test. We also use it for backup of our production lines, to reprint pallet labels to exchange damaged labels or when we receive goods that don’t come with a barcode, we can create barcodes for the goods to allow easy tracking in our warehouse. General easy to work within report generation.”
“Nevron Open Vision for .NET solves the problem of complicated programming involved in the display of data to the end-user. If you have plenty of data inside the database, you can easily populate and display them using the available controls included with the package. I just need to drag and drop the component to the Visual Studio designer and set few properties. I can even establish connectivity with the database without any code. The entire work involved with the display of data Nevron Open Vision for .NET. The company also provides good support via email and you need not have to worry.”

In your opinion, why are data visualisation solutions so important?
We are an inherently visual world, where images speak louder than words. Data visualisation is especially important when it comes to big data and data analysation projects.
Having this in mind, the old adage of time is money is more relevant than ever. Data visualisation gives us the power to collect a lot of data information in a short amount of time, allowing one to assimilate and use that information faster and easier than ever before.
As there are more and more users every day, and more applications popping up, there is a need for data visualisation solutions which are flexible and can provide the same data in many different ways, to satisfy the endless need of the consumer. We strive to continuously update and improve our product to satisfy this need of each user for individuality and uniqueness by providing a broad set of parameters for each usage scenario, giving implementers the power they need to use our components to create their vision of their data.

Where can people find out more about Nevron Software?
We have a comprehensive website with information about all of our software, company, news, forums, and more. Check it out at, and learn how you can dramatically improve your data visualisation, today!

About the Author
Ivo Milanov (CTO) is one of the founders and managing partners of Nevron, with more than 25 years of experience in software development. He’s the chief architect of many of the Nevron solutions which span a diverse range of .NET framework related technologies – WinForms, Wpf, ASP.NET, SharePoint and SSRS. Before Nevron Ivo was consulting large multinational companies with advanced BI requirements and has put his extensive expertise in the area to many of Nevron’s products.

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